Introducion by Lisa Dradi

This project's title contains the word border, a word that speaks both of closings and opening the world to our gaze. The project, which my Department has been supervising for three years, has more than once dealt with the idea of borders and otherness, examples being the tour of young performers, of the Bucarest Parada Foundation, and Chiara Dynys' exhibition last year, entitled rather prophetically Peshawar. At the same time however we do have deep roots in our local area: it is no accident that these “invasions” are closely linked to, and interact with, a competition for young artists in our Province.

The result: experiences circulate and useful exchanges take place, which in my opinion will surely nourish minds and open windows onto the world.

We expect to be able to turn this into an itinerant exhibition, enriched also by the work of those young people who will be attending the seminar with Sacco. An example of cross-fertilization already exist: the parallel project. This is a continuously evolving stile dedicated to comics. It has launched a competition – inspired by the exhibition – for Italian comic artists, the result of which will be displayed at the exhibition. Nuvole da oltre frontiera is “work in progress”, which refuses to classify or come to a conclusion and in a way contradicts the generally held idea of the border as a limit.

We have initiated an ongoing process – and after all, isn't that what our work is all about?

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