Comix Remix Part II

by Marcos Farrajota


In Italy, the magazine GIUDA came out (4 issues, 2009-12), with the same team that published Inguine mah!gazine. Elettra Stamboulis explains us what this new project is: we wanted to work as an avant-garde of the beginning of the last century: the graphic design reminds this, in particular Vienna’s Secessionist. Using automatism, aestheticism, casualty. We were coming from [the Komikaze Festival] year of mapping alternative forms of drawing from all over the world and we wanted to produce something completely different. Also, themes are always connected to a geographical representation: a place is always the centre of the story, drawn in a different way that traditional Geography, but it’s always Geography. From this idea came also the name Geographical Institute of Unconventional Drawing Art. What distinguishes the project from other comics publications is that in each issue there is always a comic with a text written by a person (the first three were by Stamboulis, the fourth by Marco Lobietti) and illustrated by various artists, reminding the experiences of Joe Meek’s comic in Twilight Jamming. Stamboulis explains: There is a huge work of research behind the texts and the images, but there’s always an idea of fate and strategies that are coming from OULIPO experiences in literature. It’s a script with very few indications divided already in squares. Every artist has his/her text to do, and can read all the story, but cannot see what the others are drawing. Sometimes the process gets complicated because there are also some complete pages that are connected to the general story, but they are written and drawn by the artists. Those pages are a kind of subtitle of elements of the main story and they become short stories itself. In the end Gianluca Costantini collects all the drawings and he puts them in the page. With a sort of magic powder of fortune, every time it works as if everything had been perfectly arranged.

KUTI29 Autumn 2013


Artists in this number: Alessandro Ripane (ITA),Tommi Ollikainen (FIN), Aapo Rapi &Petriina Koivunen (FIN), Roope Eronen (FIN), Heikki Rönkkö (FIN), Kari Sihvonen (FIN),Søren Mosdal (DEN), Robert Deutsch (GER),Sami Aho (FIN) and Celine De Cadt (BEL). Cover by Heta Bilaletdin, 24 pages in all.

Features an article Comics Remix 2 - second part by Marcos Farrajota. Edited by Sami Aho.


Edition of 7 000 pcs. DOWNLOAD KUTI29 AS PDF

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